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Director’s Message

Education is the most important part of a person's life. It not only modifies the animal instincts but also instils moral and ethical merits. It is the responsibility of the educational institutions to provide an atmosphere of freedom to each and every one irrespective of any discrimination.

The educational institutions aim at providing education according to the age, ability and aptitude of the children. The child is like a piece of wet mud which can be shaped in any form; The overall development of a person’s inward and outward, qualities is very necessary. Schools have to play a significant role to give child an opportunity to develop his knowledge and skill.

It has to provide suitable platform to them to expose their potentially and latent capacity. Proper surroundings must be given to them so that they may know their weakness and understand their power and strength.

It is essential to get rid of the weakness and utilise the strength to the best. As children are the future of a nation, they must be trained to become a citizen who has a sense of nationalism, patriotism and brotherhood.

Schools can create an atmosphere of communal harmony so that the society may enjoy a peaceful life and country may progress. We have children from different families and various backgrounds. We have to cope with a variety of children coming from different castes, communities, having different faith and culture with variety of food and clothing habits. Schools not only aim at improving mental abilities but also physical and moral values. Discipline which can lay the foundation of a country strong is essentially taught almost in all walks of a child's life whether it may be in the class or in the play ground. The feeling of brotherhood, mutual co-operation, tolerance, and leadership are the qualities which have to be developed in them. In a country like ours schools may have more responsibilities as we have a variety of castes and communities. Religious tolerance and accommodation are necessary to avoid conflict among them. In modern world it is very useful to develop different skills among children as they have to the prepared for a harder tomorrow.

I believe that the schools are going to understand the present and future needs of our society so that focus their attention to the triangular system of our education. The teacher has to play an important role. Learning and teaching is just like a tool, parents and the children have to be met growing requirements of our society.

Managing Director,
The Sunbeam Sr. Sec. School.